About Me

I'm a senior user-interface designer with the proven know-how to combine creative and concise viewpoints resulting in world-class Web, desktop and mobile applications and interactions.

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Tools I use to design are Photoshop, Illustrator, Balsamiq, Autodesk Maya & Mudbox, Maxwell Render, Quartz Composer, Powerpoint/Keynote, Premiere and After Effects. I'm also a iOT enthusiast.

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Coding Skills

I like to code my own HTML and CSS for layouts, styles and design consistency. I use Sublime Text 2, XAMMP Personal Web Server. I built this Portfolio with Bootstrap framework. I currently am playing with D3.js for Data Visualizations. More about that later.

UI/Visual Design. Area of Expertise.

Effective UI/Visual design is a blend of visual design elements layed out in a complimentary fashion to aid a user's ability to perform a task. Interactions are performed during this process and those interactions require careful planning, visualizing, comping, prototyping and testing. A users frustration is the first indicator the blend is not balanced and the ui needs to be re-worked.

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I'm a Sr. UI/Visual Designer based out of San Francisco, CA. I design interactions for a living. I also like to code and build interactions for graphical user interfaces (GUI's) and natural user interfaces (NUI's). Topics I am interested in are; D3.js, Processing, Data Visualizations, Arduino, Video Projection, and Programming Interactivity.